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Our people search methods have reunited old friends, long lost family members, and missing heirs, and can find someone for you if you're unsure of how to find people.

What is a Missing Person?

Most people searching for a distant or long lost family member often fail and give up, we do not. Our tracing people detectives understand how authorities both here in the UK and overseas handle and deal with a missing person enquiry. It is this knowledge and experience that allows us to make important progress in forging the required assistance and links necessary to take an investigation forward.

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We deal with a wide variety of clientele that are looking to find a friend, locate a family member or missing heir, searching for classmates or even an adoption search While there are many great online people tracing tools and great websites for finding people, the need to have actual professionals find them for you is often needed and the most cost effective solution. Call available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How much does it cost for a private investigator to find a person?

They travel across the country and even abroad to locate and bring your child back. They can help to reconnect with your friends which were drifted apart due to some misunderstanding or years gone by. They even have some specialised methods to connect you with your childhood friends. They can also find you your lost love, the sibling separated at the time of birth and loved ones who have gone away due to verbal fights.

Advantages of hiring private investigators The normal public do not have access to the certain records available about a missing person. Generally, they can only access basic information like the electoral roll. This information is not sufficient to track a person.

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Private investigators have access to number of databases which are necessary to find the whereabouts of the missing person. They are skilled in using various resources to complete their task. Additionally, they can easily and patiently travel to any place to make the necessary enquiries to locate the person. Private investigators can prove very useful in such type of cases. They start from where the person was seen for the last time and follow the sequence, gather necessary evidences and finally reconnect you with your dear one.

Arthur Renforth on November 8, at pm. GCFFan on December 9, at am.

How to Find a Missing Person

Philip on December 10, at am. Robert on December 11, at am. Patricia on December 15, at am. Many thanks.. Hi Sally, locating long lost family is a specialty of ours and we have contacted you directly regarding your private investigation inquiry. Hello my name is Estelle Scanlan and I would like help to find my biological father. To commence a long lost family investigation we do need some details obviously. You have a name and an area for this person, and I assume a rough date of when he was in that area.

Please email me directly at david integralinvestigations. I am obtaining my adoption paperwork soon, and would like help in trying to local my birth mother and father, although have absolutely no info on him and possible extended family members. You will have a name and an area for this person hopefully, and I assume a rough date of when she was in that area.

Why you are looking for the person?

We will need to chat to you further before giving you an idea of cost and time-frame for this type of private investigation because each job is a bit different and depends on a lot of different factors. Once you are ready to proceed please email me directly at david integralinvestigations. Based on the time of your inquiry it would appear that you saw the segment with our lead private investigator on This Time Next Year with Karl Stefanovic last night on Channel 9. The issue with your scenario is that your mother was born in the UK and that would mean that her father is likely there, not here in Australia.

Whilst we do carry out assignment world-wide we normally need the assistance of a local agency in the country we are looking into, and we would know exactly what information you can provide us before being able to give you any idea of cost or chance of success. Locating birth families and biological parents has become a bit of a specialty for us. We do these cases a lot. Please get back to us be email at inquiries integralinvestigations. Hi I was wondering if you could help in anyway to find my Grandfather, or subsequent relatives.

She became pregnant to a young Scottish man visiting Bathurst NSW Australia, he wanted to marry her at take her back to Scotland but she wanted to stay with her family. I have had a number of clients with too little background information who have discovered family lines by going through this direction. Once you establish some names a private investigator than then start looking into things and hopefully answer some of your questions. If there is anything else that we may be able to help with just email me directly at david integralinvestigations.

The cost and the chance of success on locating a person depends on the individual circumstances of the job plus the amount of information you can provide to get us started. Private investigators do not get access to sensitive government databases so if your son is under 18 we have to look for his mother, not the child because there are no databases to search on minors. Please email us some more information on your circumstances and we will assess the situation for you and provide a better idea of cost. I am searching for my birth father.

I have the name, address and phone number of my birth mother but have not been able to get a response from her. My birth father is not on my original birth certificate nor my adoption certificate. I am concerned if she passes I will never know who he is. My daughter was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. I would like to check the henetics to help her. Can you assist me to find him?

Locating biological parents is a specialty of ours. However we normally need at least a name as a starting point. As you have already accessed your birth certificate and no name is recorded for your birth father we do not have a starting point at this stage. Your birth mother seems to be the only holder of this information and your attempts have already been blocked. We are happy to assist in any way possible but we do need a tangible starting point.

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Send any detail to our managing director, at david integralinvestigations. The cost to locate a person in this scenario works like this. This amount is non-refundable. On the flip-side of that sometimes we get contact details but not an address ……….. If this is something you would like to proceed with or if you have any questions just email our head investigator David, at david integralinvestigations.