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Since USA has been bankrupt for decades, having no substance such as gold and silver to back it, the only asset it has are men and women and our labour. We are the collateral for the interest on the loan of the World Bank. Each of us is registered, via the application for a birth certificate. The Treasury issues a bond on the birth certificate and the bond is sold at a securities exchange and bought by the Federal Reserve Bank which then uses it as collateral to issue bank notes. The bond is held in trust for the Feds at the Depository Trust Corporation.

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We are the surety on said bonds. The United States Government, in order to provide necessary goods and services, created a commercial bond promissory note , by pledging the property, labour, life and body of its citizens, as payment for the debt bankruptcy. This commercial bond made chattel property out of us all. When mums apply for a birth certificate, the application is registered. The legal title of her baby is then transferred from mum to the State. This was his response:. Well, it is. Many of those who will read this article already know that.

This article does a phenomenal job at breaking it down in very simple, easy to understand terms. All of the facts presented are supported by hard data. Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this brilliant article, here are a few facts to consider in the response to my friend on Facebook:. Of course they do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. The bank gave us a deposit slip as a receipt for the money we gave them, just as the bank would normally provide when we make a deposit to the bank.

Consideration on the part of the bank is non-existent so the bank has nothing to lose.

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It can not possibly sustain a loss. Again, constructive fraud. You can regain control by simply filing a notice of lien against the birth certificate. Any and all false flag operations against the U. Imposing Martial Law using a domestic or foreign military force against the US people is treason - Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason.

Obama's assassination orders of U. The killing of anyone using manufactured biological agents such as the swine flu virus, avian flu virus, and vaccines is muder by poison.

All of the CIA renditions are kidnappings and forcible confinement. Guantanamo Bay, still operational even after Obama's executive order ordering it closed by Jan , is a U. The Birth Certificate, and social security number of Obama are forgeries. The forgeries were used to illegally gain the office of the President of the United States of America. Waging war with Libya, without Congressional approval, and aiding and abetting the terrorists in Syria is treason. Obama can be charged now and anytime after he leaves office for murder, kidnapping, treason, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, and crimes against humanity because there are no statue of limitations for these crimes.

Other News West Texas Weather Modification Association proves cloud seeding chemtrails are real Who will join me and keep Canada and its people strong and free? Guilt stricken US soldiers exposes the reality of war. The US government has and is waging aggressive wars to steal the oil from oil rich nations so use it - oil that is - against them. Every oil rich nation has the means to stop any hi-tech US or Israeli tank in their tracks and to down any drone, fighter jet or bomber.

Unrefined crude oil and oil based paints has been proven to be very effective in blinding a tank, a pilot, drone and guided missiles.

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Ground forces don't need high tech anti-tank missiles to stop a tank, they need only to target the external sensors and video cameras on board a tank with crude oil or paint to force the tank crew to stop. Firing flak shells filled with oil or black oil based paint ahead of an incoming aircraft or missile will effectively force a pilot to eject and prevent a missile or drone from locking onto any target.

A sun symbol flag was chosen to represent the sun worshipping people of Israel. The Star of David is actually the Sun of David. A star is, as you all know, a distant sun. It was chosen to deceive the Jews. Even the name Israel tells us who the people of Israel worship. Another connection between Israel and the Egyptian sun deity is made apparent with the adoption of the Star a Sun of David as their flag.

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If you look closely at the Anti-Semitic symbol, the Sun of David Seal of King Solomon is actually made up of 2 pyramids — one triangle overlaid over another that is inverted. One of the first symbols used to represent the Egyptian trinity was the triangle. Pyramids represent an arrogant symbol of slavery. It has been known for centuries, by historians, monarchs and secret society members, that the Roman Catholic Church is a reincarnation of the same Egyptian Trinity as Israel — Isis the mother goddess Horus the sun god Ra - his name is hidden as Amen and Seb the ancient father god El.

It is most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm. But do the U. Marines realize that it is a Satanic incantation? Oorah is a cipher or code invoking and praising Ra. Horus a.

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Marines are therefore "loyal" soldiers of Ra. Men and women loyal to God would never honor him by waging war with the innocent and shed their blood, no matter what - "thou shall not kill". Who else would jump off a bridge, rush a machine gun or bunker head-on, attack another country that hasn't attacked your own country, torture civilians, destroy a civilian's home with civilians still in them, draw fire, kill a child or his or her own or die in vain, if ordered to do so.

I guess that is why they are called the Marine Corps literal translation: corpse. Where was Barack Hussein Obama born? Hawaii Kenya View Results. Iran War Does Obama have the legal authority to go to war with Iran? Yes No View Results. Al Qaeda is a way of working Unemployed since June, with no income. Tweets by presscoreca. Tweets Archive Backup achieve of all presscoreca tweets Link opens archive webpage on presscore.

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Business Card Ad Space. The Windsor name never existed before. Elizabeth II was "made for ever incapable to inherit possess or enjoy the Crown and Government of this Realm and Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging or any part of the same or to have use or exercise any regall Power Authority or Jurisdiction within the same And in all and every such Case and Cases the People of these Realms shall be and are thereby absolved of their Allegiance" when Elizabeth II reconciled to the See and the Church of Rome and professed the Catholic faith at her own coronation, June 2, , in violation of Act of Settlement Law.

Minutes after swearing to uphold the laws of the UK and Canada and defend the Church of England faith she broke her oath and the law by publicly professing "And I believe one Catholic and Apostolic Church" then accepted the Ring of kingly dignity, and the seal of "Catholic Faith". Evidence of this forfeiture due to Elizabeth's gross violation of law is provided in the Transcript of Elizabeth II coronation. Mimics what nature has done naturally for millenniums to filter CO2 from the atmosphere.

Method used today by everyone who has a fish tank. Pump air into oceans to filter, absorb the CO2. Poll Who or what do you think the Crown represents? Cities and towns around the World flowing with billions of liters of free renewable fuel. Technology gives electric cars capacity to surpass mileage of gas combustion cars.

Generate a lifetime supply of natural gas without very toxic and life threatening fracking. Convert liquid fuel into high mileage fuel vapor using fuel aeration. The Vatican used acts of terrorism and mass murder to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine. Terrorists were installed by the Vatican to keep Ukraine enslaved by the Vatican occupied Europe. They serve and protect the "corporate" interests of the Pope the Crown in Canada and uphold Papal Bull law throughout Canada.

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Their military insignia proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. They are not the only ones who have betrayed their country, their countrymen and their faith by serving the Catholic Church Pope. All Crown judges and lawyers, and all of our elected representatives in our Parliament and Legislature and all employees of his Crown Corporations.